We Are Here to Help!

WordPress Des Moines is part of the larger WordPress Community across the globe, but more importantly, we are people right here in the Des Moines area who use WordPress, create WordPress websites, and write software for WordPress.

I am New to WordPress!

Each of us was new to WordPress at some point in time, and we understand what it’s like to be a newbie!  We are here to walk with you as you learn about WordPress, as you uncover what WordPress is for you and how to use it to meet your specific needs.  We get kind of excited about all things WordPress and might talk about aspects of WordPress that aren’t important to you, but all you to do is stop us and ask us what you really need to know so YOU can grow in your knowledge and use of WordPress!

You can get yourself up to speed about what WordPress is and how to use it… we have a page devoted to getting you up to speed!

I’ve Been Using WordPress for a While!

You have been working with WordPress for some time now, maybe a few years, and you’ve experimented with a number of themes and plugins… maybe even started using Divi or one of those other page builder themes.  You feel so powerful but then sometimes you can’t quite get the page builder to do what you want it to, and could use some help.  Or you’ve figured out how to solve a problem that the rest of us could benefit from knowing.  You even suspect there are easier ways to do some of the things you do regularly.  We want to help each other and share the knowledge, and maybe YOU could give a presentation on some things that you learned!  If you’d like to share your knowledge, click on “How do I help?”!

I’m a Developer – What can I do?

No matter how long you’ve been writing software, whether for 2 weeks or 2 years or 20 years, you want to learn and you want to help.  You enjoy talking about super techie topics but you also enjoy helping people learn who don’t need to be as far into the weeds as you are.  You can help with training non-technical and technical members alike, and perhaps even help solve problems that are just a little bit into the software.  When topics are really technical, you can help bridge the gap for the non-technical folks so they don’t feel left behind.  But most of all, you know the nuts and bolts and can help the rest of us make good choices and understand the pros and cons of different solutions.


We want everyone to feel welcome here, and give everyone an opportunity to learn, create, teach, and grow in making WordPress better for everyone here in the Des Moines area!